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The Parcel & Package Delivery Ground (ISP) Step Van Route FORD Truck Store for Independent Contractors. We have the E-Series, F59, the Velocity and F650 Chassis Cab for 26' Dry Freight Trucks in Stock. Excellent Financing Terms on All the Parcel Delivery Route Trucks.

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PARCEL DELIVERY GROUND (ISP)  STEP VAN ROUTE TRUCKS FOR PACKAGE DELIVERY,  FORD E-350, E450 & F59 FOR THE P500, P700, P1000 & P1200. the ford f-650 cab/chassis w/ 26′ van Body. the ford velocity cut-a-way parcel delivery route truck. FINANCING / LEASING & FLEET MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT


All Ford’s Cost the SAME and are Built the same (the difference is in the dealer you buy from) EBY’s Excellent Reputation for Fast Turn Around on Paperwork, Rapid Delivery which sets EBY FORD APART from all the other Dealers – either local or nationwide. We deliver to YOUR FRONT DOOR With offering options for Parcel Delivery Alternative Fueled Vehicles (LPG or CNG) for both Cleaner Air and Better Fuel Economy and/or CUTTING your Operating Costs.
We deliver to YOUR FRONT DOOR with offering options for Parcel Delivery Alternative Fueled Vehicles (LPG or CNG) for both Cleaner Air and Better Fuel Economy and/or CUTTING your Operating Costs.
Our policy is to give you the finest experience in purchasing a new Utilimaster Step Van Nationwide, this experience is “Hassle Free” with great fleet pricing.
We offer the most competitive pricing, we can arrange good terms (up to 84 months for your credit requirements on approved credit) and 1st payment in 90 Days.
We offer Commercial TRAC Leasing as well as Fleet Maintenance Management Nationwide.
Parcel Delivery Contractors: We offer great Parcel Delivery ISP Step Van Route Truck financing, leasing and fleet leasing management and maintenance programs nationwide.

EBY FORD/LINCOLN a Ford Certified Commercial Vehicle Center, is also “The Quality and Price Leader for the Remaining 2016, 2017 & 2018 Parcel Delivery Independent Contractor Step Van Route Delivery Truck National Headquarters” for Ford Only Home, Ground,  Contractor Walk In Step Vans/Commercial Step Vans & Walk In Route Trucks & Parcel Delivery / Ford Velocity Cutaway Route Delivery Trucks in the 14′  Models & offering you the Ford Commercial & Econoline Stripped Chassis and the VELOCITY Cutaway Chassis helping you making the “Right Purchasing Decision”.laughing


SPECIAL NOTICE – Buy Now as Interest Rates (5.49%) will be GOING UP in NEAR FUTURE. We have several Models for Installation of the Quigley Motors 4 x 4 Upfits Package (Call for Pricing). In addition to the launch of FALL COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SEASON (THIS IS AN ADVISORY ONLY) (NOV 1 – JAN 2), IRS Section 179 provides a great opportunity for small business owners to invest in new equipment and realize tax write-offs on their 2017 IRS tax returns (up to $500,00). This is a great tax benefit your customers can leverage to buy a new Ford and get a big write-off! Normally, small businesses must spread deductions over several years. The tax benefits provided under IRS Section 179 allow many small businesses to write off up to $500,000 of qualifying new equipment in the year the equipment is placed in service. Key Details: The qualifying vehicle must be purchased and placed into service between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 It must be used at least 50% for business, based on mileage, in the first year it is placed in service If you choose to use it for both personal and business use, the cost eligible for deduction would be the percentage used for business Note that all businesses that purchase and/or finance less than $2,000,000 in business equipment during tax year 2017 should qualify for the Section 179 Deduction *For more complete details and a look at our Commercial Truck lineup, please direct your customers to the Ford Commercial Connection Section 179 landing page. Also please, consult with your Tax Consultant or Advisor for further current information applicable to your situation. As this is only to inform you of possible Tax Advantages you maybe eligible for. HURRY! MUST ACT BY DECEMBER 31, 2017 TO GET DEDUCTION FOR THE 2017 TAX YEAR
FOR FAST SERVICE: Send me an email on the “Contact Us Link” ([email protected]) or call Me, John Breen on my cell phone 714-337-0664 (24/7/365)

Package Delivery Ground Route Step Vans,  Package Delivery  Velocity Cutaway Ground Route Trucks. In Model like the P500. P700, P1000 & the P1200,  Ford 14′ Velocity Cutaway & F650 Chassis / Cab  w/ a 26′ Utilimaster Straight Truck for Parcel Delivery Ground Delivery with Complete Route Truck Financing UP to 84 Months w/ NO PAYMENT for 90 Days and Route Truck Leasing for Independent  Ground Contractors up to 72 Months.

Our Finance and Leasing Programs are very Competitvie and our Terms are Some of the Best. Check us out. Our policy is to give you the Finest Experience in  Purchasing a New Utilimaster Step Van Nationwide and this Experience is to be “Hassle Free” with Great Fleet Pricing. Send me an email in the “Contact Us Link ([email protected]) or call me, John Breen on my cell phone 714-337-0664   (24/7/365) for Fast Service.